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All Material Presented Here is free for Download.  I do not copyright any of my material because it first belongs to God and if not then it has no place in my teaching.  Even tho resources from mens studies are used (and credit is given where credit is known) my primary source of study and Information comes from the Word of God which is "All Authoritative in all things both physical and Spiritual." - cf 2 Peter 1:3

  1.   How We Got The Bible - pdf file
  2.  A Study of the Holy Spirit -pdf file
  3. Childrens Song Book - pdf file
  4. World Religions - pdf file  
  5. Old Testament Survey - Part One - pdf file
  6. Old Testament Survey - Part Two -pdf file
  7. Old Testament Survey - Part Three - pdf file
  8. Old Testament Survey - Part Four - pdf file
  9. New Testament Survey - Part One Life of Christ - pdf file
  10. New Testament Survey - Part Two Life of Christ - pdf file
  11. New Testament Survey - Part Three & Four - pdf file
  12. A Study of Our Salvation - pdf file
  13. Building According To The Pattern - pdf file
  14. I Will Build My Church - Matthew 16:18 - pdf file
  15. Getting To Know God - pdf file
  16. The Scheme of Redemption - pdf file

A STUDY OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION - This is a complete commentary on the book of Revelation in Power Point Mode. The complete work is 440 slides. The commentary is dedicated to my Father-in-Law David J Riggs. ----Complete Revelation Commentary In Power Point Format - Revelationppt


  1. Lesson One - An Introduction to the Study
  2. Lesson Two - "Blessed are the Poor in Spirit"
  3. Lesson Three - "Blessed are they that mourn"
  4. Lesson Four - "Blessed are the Meek"
  5. Lesson Five - "Blessed are they that hunger and thirst"
  6. Lesson Six - "Blessed are the merciful"
  7. Lesson Seven - "Blessed are the pure in Heart."
  8. Lesson Eight - "Blessed are the peacemakers"
  9. Lesson Nine - Final - "Blessed are the persecuted"


The material presented here was first presented in Bundaberg, Australia in the early 1990's - since then I have researched and put together a number of studies and sermons on the subject and finally put together a series of power points that I presented at the Newton church of Christ in North Carolina USA in 2011.   This study is to help Christians develop a better understanding of why Prayer is a learned behavior.   As with all material presented on this website use to the glory of God.

  1. Lesson One - Power Point 2007

  2. Lesson Two - Power Point 2007

  3. Lesson Three - Power Point 2007

  4. Lesson Four- Power Point 2007

  5. Lesson Five - Power Point 2007

  6. Lesson Six - Power Point 2007

  7. Lesson Seven - Power Point 2007

  8. Lesson Eight - Power Point 2007

  9. Lesson Nine - Power Point 2007

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