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The Material presented here is a collection of many various sources - thus I do not lay claim to the originally of the material - I have assembled and acquired information through out the 36 years of preaching and teaching and have arranged them in differing ways used in my preaching and teaching thru the years at the various congregations I have preached or taught at.   You may use to the glory of God and for the furtherance of the Gospel and the Kingdom around the world.

OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY - Quarter Two - "Exodus - " - Pdf File

Song Service - Wednesday July 1st - Audio File

  1. Week One - Lesson One Sunday; Presentation Pdf File
  2. Week Two - Lesson Two Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File; Pdf File 2 
  3. Week Three - Lesson Three Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File; Pdf File 2 
  4. Week Four - Lesson Four Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File; Pdf File 2 
  5. Week Five - Lesson Five Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File 
  6. Week Six - Lesson Six Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File ; Pdf File 
  7. Week Seven - Lesson Seven ;  Presentation Pdf File
  8. Week Eight - Lesson Eight Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File
  9. Week Nine - Lesson Nine Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File 
  10. Week Ten - Lesson Ten Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File  
  11. Week Eleven - Lesson Eleven Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File 
  12. Week Twelve - Lesson Twelve Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File ;Pdf File # 2
  13. Week Thirteen - Review - Lesson Thirteen Sunday ; Presentation Pdf File
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