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Gospel Meetings
Lessons Presented At The Winterpark church of Christ by various speakers during Gospel Meetings held at the building.   It is the duty of each one to examine the words and material presented in light of the revealed Word of God. Do Not accept the word of men unless it is in agreement with God!

2014 October 1st -5th - Meeting with Ron Mosby Tx USA
2016 January 27th, 29th - 30th - Meeting with Sunday Ayandare of Nigeria
  • Wednesday 7pm - Nigeria and Ghana Report - Wma Audio 
  • Friday 7pm - Positives Casts Off - Wma Audio
  • Saturday - Negative Casts Off - 7pm - Wma Audio
2017 January 13th -15th - South Austin church of Christ, AUSTIN TX - Speaker John Cripps on Attitude March 3rd and 4th 2018 - Christ the Author and Finisher of our Faith - Hebrews 12:2 - Brother Dandy Akatobi of Nigeria.

  • Lesson One "Christ Our Author and Finisher of Our Faith" - Saturday March 3rd - Mp3 Audio Zipped 
  • Lesson Two " The Christian and Self Esteem" - Mp3 Audio Zipped 
  • Lesson Three "The Christian and Conscience" - Mp3 Audio Zipped
April 29th - May 4th - Beech Creek West Virginia
  • Lesson One - Mp3 Audio ; Pdf File
  • Lesson Two  - Mp3 Audio ; Pdf File 
  • Lesson Three  - Mp3 Audio ; Pdf File 
  • Lesson Four  - Mp3 Audio ; Pdf File
  • Lesson Five  - Mp3 Audio ; Pdf File 
  • Lesson Six  - Mp3 Audio ; Pdf File 
  • Lesson Seven  - Mp3 Audio ; Pdf File
  • Lesson Eight - Mp3 Audio ; Pdf File
  • Lesson Nine Radio - Pdf File   
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